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In "Life, Life and More Life" I share thoughts on making every moment count gleaned from my experiences of loving my husband through 18 sessions of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.

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{What others are saying about Life, Life and More Life }

"Life, Life and More Life is a book full of truth, pain, joy, and gritty life. We may not know or even like the circumstances we face, but God’s deep love is constant even then. van Eyck shares her story honestly with the kind of wisdom that comes on the back of pain.”
 - Mary DeMuth

“Wendy's book, "Life, Life, and More Life" will awaken dreams and show you how to walk in the life that God has for you! If you're looking for encouragement through life's toughest battles, don't delay any longer. Read her book right now!”
- Renee Fisher, the Devotional Diva®,

“Over the years in my life as a pastor I have learnt to listen to people who live close to suffering. Somehow they can see more clearly what really matters. This is why I read Wendy’s blog, follow her on Twitter and take seriously what she says. As a young newly-wed her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Overnight she found herself in the world of chemotherapy  sessions, hospital wards and doctor’s waiting rooms. Instead of allowing blame and complaint to fill her life, she opened her heart to whatever she could learn about God and life and love. In this e-book she shares wisely what she has learnt. Her words have nourished my faith, lifted my spirit and encouraged me to live more deeply in the present moment. I hope you too will take the time to read these words and listen to Wendy. You will be blessed if you do.”
- Trevor Hudson
 author of One Day at a Time

"Wendy van Eyck's poignant collection of stories about accompanying her husband through cancer tills up many beautiful things: hope, perseverance, and trust. It's the kind of writing that leaves you reconsidering what's really important in life."
- Shawn Smucker

“As a cancer survivor myself, Wendy’s book really resonated with me. It reminded me again of the many of the same precious truths I learned during that time: that God is always present, even in our pain; that we need to take time out to be still and just to enjoy the mundane and ordinary, and that suffering changes our perspectives about what really matters in life. You will find hope and encouragement for the hard places of your life here.”
- Aldyth Thomson