A small change

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When I started this blog I wanted to do three things with it:

- Have an outlet to practice writing, 
Get published, and
- Remind you that Jesus is with us in every hard thing.

In the 5 years since I started this blog my life has changed. The media landscape has changed. The life I imagined for myself has changed.

Last month after another scan our oncologist told us there is only a 2% chance of Xylon’s cancer recurring. Thank you, Jesus! It feels like a new start for us.

There were so many other new starts for me since I started blogging here. I’ve changed jobs twice. Last year, I left full-time employment to start an agency providing communications services to nonprofits.

I’ve moved towns, renovated a home, taken on two dogs, run 7 half marathons.

Some of the changes and new starts I’ve shared here and some I haven’t felt fitted the confines of writing devotionals. I haven’t known where to put that stuff. Slowly I’ve pivoted my twitter and LinkedIn profiles to share my broader interests but I’ve left Facebook and this blog with a narrow focus.

More and more I find the things that God is putting in my heart are about living mercy and justice and walking humbly with him (Micah 6:8). And as a Christian, and a white South African, I’m finding that means more and more speaking up about racism, prejudice, and inequality. Even when those conversations are hard and uncomfortable and messy. Maybe especially then.

These are topics are only things that challenge me personally and the wider Christian church but they are also the things the nonprofits I work with care deeply about.

I try to live a life where the values I learned from Jesus aren’t separated from my everyday or work life but the more I think about it on this blog and my Facebook page I’ve many times kept the every day out of the spiritual. For almost two years now, I have struggled with what to do here on the blog and on Facebook and at the end of last year, I felt like maybe it is time to do a small pivot.

What does this mean for you?
On the blog
I will still be writing and sharing here. I’m setting a goal to share a devotional or prayer here once a month. I know my posts have been infrequent and I will try to improve on that. From time to time, I might share guest posts or books I’ve been reading. If you are a current subscriber to this blog you will only receive posts I share on ilovedevotionals. If you don’t want to miss a post, you can subscribe here.

On Facebook 
It means that I’ll be sharing more broadly on my Facebook page so if you follow me you’ll see posts about devotionals that I’ve written for this page but you will also see links to posts I write for ibelieve, quotes or bible verses that encourage me. You will also see me sharing posts I write on how to grow a nonprofit cause or fundraiser. Then from time to time, I’ll share interesting articles or videos that I find online and I think add value to discussions about racism, prejudice, and inequality. If you aren't following me on Facebook you can like my page here.

Thank you for joining me over the years as I’ve shared my journey of walking with Jesus. I hope as I walk this new path that we can continue to go together.


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