If you're starting the week broken, this book might help

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One of the first people I "met" when I opened my Twitter account was James Prescott.

He was encouraging and it felt like a friend out there in the big wide social world. 

He guest posted here a few times (here and here) and I guest posted on his site and then last week he released his first book! How awesome is that?

It’s book about Grace. Grace for all of us who don’t have it all together, the one’s are broken and shattered by what life has thrown at us. 

What I love is that James has written a book to meet you right in the middle of your broken places and to show you that those fractured bits might be the most beautiful of all once God is done. 

There’s a story in Chapter 1 (I’m not giving too much of the book away) that I want to share here. It goes: 

In the late 15th century, a man called Ashikaga Yoshimasa sent a damaged Chinese tea bowl to China to be fixed. It returned, held together with ugly metal stapes. This ugly repair launched the Japanese craftsmen on a quest for a new form of mending pottery that could make a broken piece look as good as new - or better. 

The process of repair invented was called Kintsugi. Kintsugi is the art of fixing broken ceramic pieces together with a lacquer resin made to look like solid gold. Kintsugi literally means “golden joinery”, and often the craftsmen used genuine gold powder in the resin. When the broken pieces are placed back together with the gold resin, an amazing intricate design is created within the pottery. 
In another story, a man took clay pots to his friends in Japan, only for the pots to break en route. He threw the broken pots into a garbage bin, thinking nothing more of the pieces. But when the man departed his friends’ home, he was given a gift. Opening the gift, the mand found the once-shattered bowls, not put together with Kintsugi - making the pots even more beautiful than their original form. 

How great is that story? Doesn’t it give you hope that God’s grace can meet you in your broken places? 

I’m very honoured that James asked me to write the foreward to the book. If you want to know what I wrote you’ll have to buy the book which you can do here on Amazon**!

If you’re wondering if you need to read a book on grace then I’d recommend this one to anyone who needs to find hope in the mess of life. 

You can’t encounter the messy, violent, uncomfortable grace that James writes about and stay the same. 
But then again, who would want to stay the same when God is offering you an invitation to let God’s grace love you to wholeness?

** Affiliate links used in this post. (Which basically means if you click through to Amazon from this post and buy something I'll get a small percentage of the purchase which I'll most likely use to buy books). 

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