Words to pray if you need Jesus to be your strength today

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I don't make a living from blogging. It's a hobby. Something I do because I love writing and this gives me a reason to write consistently.

I've looked into turning this into a business but since I primarily write about finding hope in God when times are tough it just hasn't felt right. Every few months I make about $10 as an Amazon affiliate when you guys buy a book I've recommended. And I get all giddy because it means I've got a little stash of cash to buy a few books on Kindle sales.

A few months ago I signed up to webfluential (follow this link to sign up and I could get a bit more book money). I didn’t think anything would come from it and then recently I was approached by a pharmaceutical company to post a photo of me with my sourced strength written on my bicep (evidence of how weak I am physically).

I've never done a sponsored post on social media before but I thought, 'let me give it go.' I knew right from the moment of reading the brief that there was only one answer I could give to the question, what is your source of strength?

When my husband, Xylon, was receiving treatment for cancer over the period of two years people who often come to me and said, “I don’t know how you do it, I couldn’t be so strong. Where do you get your inner strength from?” Much of the time I woke up each day and went through the motions in a blur but the only reason I had the courage to wake up each day was because of faith in Jesus that he redeems all things. My faith is my source of strength; it is what makes me a strong woman, and one who is not overcome by fear of what the future holds.

Originally I'd wanted to use a photo with "Jesus" written on my bicep.  When I went to write the copy for it I put on my corporate marketing hat and went, "That will never get accepted." So I changed it to "faith" because I figured the story about Jesus helping me through my husband's cancer diagnosis and treatment were more important then writing “Jesus” on my arm.

I sent the picture to my Webfluential account manager and it took days to get an answer. She apologized and said it wasn't normal and that the post was with head office she wasn't sure why. I’m guessing that Jesus had something to do with that.

Right at the beginning, I decided that if I was going to do something for money it needed to fit in with what I believed and for me I really couldn't think of another way to answer a question about my source of strength. I tried to think of something else but I couldn’t because there is nothing, which is as strong when I'm weak, as Jesus.

These are some of the words I prayed when Xylon was going through treatment that gave me the strength to do the next thing:
Jesus you are our crutch and our hope.  You hold us up when we’d rather curl up in a ball and rock ourselves to sleep.  You make us smile when we feel like frowning.  When we feel alone, Jesus, you remind us that you are still there with us. Even on the days when we don’t feel you are close we know that you are because you’ve promised to always be there.   You have promised to give strength to the weary and change mourning into dancing – and we believe you do, you will, and you have. We ask that each day you will show up with new mercy, with enough strength for the next 24 hours.
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