If you're feeling weak and broken today, read this

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God's strength in my weakness

He binds their wounds,
    heals the sorrows of their hearts.
Psalm 147:3 (VOICE)

On my parent’s mantel piece there sits a small wooden bowl.  It is not large; it fits easily in my hand. 

Last year, my parents saw it sitting on a market table. They sent a photo of the bowl on the day they bought it. 

A dear family friend, Elena, turned the bowl from a Jacaranda tree. And when the bowl was done she noticed a flaw in the wood that would make it weak. Usually, wood turners will try to patch or fill the flaws; they will try to hide them. Instead, Elena chose to make something beautiful out of it.

Every time I visit home I run my fingers over the bowl. I let my fingers linger on the smooth wood and run the pads of my fingers over the wire. 

I can’t look at this bowl and not think of God. 

Every time I see this bowl I’m reminded of God’s love for me: how God doesn’t hide our flaws but he redeems them.

How God puts me back together in the broken places and makes me stronger.

Each little stitch across that bowl reminds me: 
God finishes what he starts (Philippians 1:6)
God binds our wounds and heals the sorrows of our hearts (Psalm 147:3)
God makes us strong in the broken places (2 Corinthians 12:9)

All of us have flaws, places where life has left us weak, I don’t know what caused yours, but I do know that God can turn them into something beautiful. 

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