A prayer for wisdom to say the right thing

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We all have different conversations ahead of us, but no matter what words need to be spoken chances are high that many of us need wisdom. 

The desire to speak life into our relationships is there but we've failed so many times before that we fear to open our mouths and say the wrong things all over again. 

We want to speak with gentleness. We want to speak kindness. We want to speak hope. We want to speak truth. But our tongues feel heavy and hard to tame and sometimes our emotions get the best of us. 

Forgive us for our addiction to speaking without listening. 

Forgive us for caring more about sharing our ideas than listening for your guidance. 

Forgive us for forgetting that you’ve promised to give us wisdom, generously, if we’d only ask. 

So we’re asking, Lord, we’re asking for your wisdom to dwell richly in us, to be present in all our conversations.

We’re asking for discernment about the timing of every hard chat we have to have. Help us to know when to speak up and when to shut up. 

We ask you to go before us and prepare the hearts and minds of those we need to speak too. And we ask that you would help us to see where we are getting things wrong and need to be open to the truth that others are trying to speak to us. 

We know that we won’t always get say the right things so give us the courage to say, “I’m sorry” and start again, to not hold the hurtful words we hear in our hearts, but let them go. 

Lord, you’ve shown us the power that words can have help us always use them like you to speak light into darkness. 

We ask today for your words to be always on our lips. 

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