A prayer for strength

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God, we don’t feel like facing today. We’re scared, we’re tired, and the unknown overwhelms us.

Teach us, Father, how to let you be our strength in our weakness.

Teach us, how to not be afraid of tomorrow, to believe that you are in control.

Remind us that your grace is enough, that your grace will give us the strength to get through every struggle. 

Fill us up with joy, fill us up with peace, let our lives brim over with hope.

Provide us with exactly what we need, when we need it, to make it through this. 

God, help us to be brave and not give up. Keep us looking for you when we feel like we can’t anymore. May our eyes and heart always be expecting you to get here soon, to revive us.

May your strength be our song and our salvation, we pray.

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