When you long for beauty, remember this

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Your beauty and love chase after me
every day of my life.
Psalm 23:6 (MSG)

The evenings have been far from perfect lately. 

Winter has been beating back summer with wind and rain and temperatures that leave me watching my breath hover in the air as I exhale. The trees have left their leaves on the ground like discarded clothes from a grand party.

The last few evenings I’ve been pulling on a jacket and taking our dog for walks in the field below our house. He runs around like he has never had a walk before. 

On each walk, I pause on a mound that allows the farmland in the distance to come into view. If I time it right I can see the sun falling behind the rolling hills. The sky streaked with oranges, pinks, purples, blues. 

I’ve stood and watched this beauty each evening, the sunset God is painting for me, the sunset he puts there just to remind me that his beauty and love will never stop chasing after me. 

I’ve a cousin who teaches her kids to remember every time they see a sunset that God’s love for them will never change.

I remember passing many evenings with Xylon in hospital. The rooms he was put in almost always afforded me a view of the sunsetting, and gave me a moment of beauty each evening to remember God loves me. God’s love and beauty found me in one of the ugliest places. 

Life can have so many ugly, hard moments, but I’ve found God’s beauty and love pursue me in all of them. 

Many days I need this reminder:
God's beauty and love chase after me every day of my life. (<- tweet this)

Some times God’s love and beauty look like a sunset, sometimes gift from a friend, or time with a loved one. But they are there, chasing you every day of your life.

How have you seen God’s beauty and love chasing you?

P.S. I don't often use my own photos on the blog but this time I thought I'd share a few photos from the spot were I stop to stand and stare and God's beauty and love chasing me. That is our dog, Oliver, looking back at you in the top pic.


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