A prayer for when you feel overwhelmed by the week ahead

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We're looking at the week ahead and we're feeling anxious about how we're going to make it to Friday in one piece. 

There is so much going on, so much that we can't control, so much that could go wrong. 

We've been waking up at night thinking about all the balls we're juggling and how we can keep them in the air. 

We've realised that we can't, we can't do this week without you, Lord.

God, we need you to be a part of everything we do this week.

Every morning as we dress buckle the belt of truth around our waists. Help us to face every situation with integrity, honour and kind words on our lips. Make us the kind of people who are quick to own up to our mistakes and take responsibility for choices we make. 

In times of conflict may we be an instrument of your peace. Give us the courage to speak life into hopeless situations and the wisdom to know when to remain silent. 

Remind us that with you by our sides we cannot lose. You will not hesitate to put everything on the line for us. You've already shown that when you sent Jesus to change our lives forever.  

Thank you that no matter what we face this week, we can do so knowing that there is nothing so overwhelming that you will be separated from us. 

Just knowing that right at this moment the one who died for us - who gave his life for us - is in the presence of God sticking up for us makes us feel like we can make it through this week. 

Pour your grace upon us this week.


* I often base prayers on scripture. This prayer is partly my own words and partly a paraphrase of Ephesians 6:10-24 and Romans 8:31-39.

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