When you need God to do SOMETHING already, remember this

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"Is it possible to get a cup of coffee?" my husband, Xylon, asks the waiter going past our table at the hotel.

The waiter pauses and then replies with a smile, "Anything is possible."

This has stuck with me all week. It's reminded me that often the limitations I see are limitations I create in my mind.

I know it's not always that way. I'm praying for miracles for two people right now. I'm praying the kind of prayers for them that reach outside of what doctors and our medicine can heal.

This conversation with a waiter has buoyed my faith. It's reminded me that I serve a God who isn't limited by what I think is possible. And it made me think of the story in the bible of an old man and his wife. Both were well past the age of having children, in fact they were in their nineties, but God promised them there children would be as many as the sands on the seashore. 

The old woman actually laughed when she heard this. Wouldn’t you?

If God told you he wouldn’t only do the impossible but fulfill all your wildest dreams, wouldn’t you laugh? It was impossible, but God did it. He gave this old couple a child when there is no way they should have been able to give birth naturally.

In Romans 4:19 you can find this written about what happened, "And Abraham’s faith did not weaken, even though, at about 100 years of age, he figured his body was as good as dead—and so was Sarah’s womb."

I sometimes wonder if Abraham never had a child at 100 what would have happened. What the bible would have recorded in Hebrews? 

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and I think that even if Abraham didn’t have a child in his old age it would still have read and Abraham’s faith did not weaken. 

Even if Abraham had died childless I believe his faith would never have wavered that God could still fulfil his promise to him. 

Abraham might not have known how God would have done it but he would have believed that God could. Would have put his hope in the fact that God was in control.

Faith believes that impossible is just an opportunity for God to do something outrageous and beautiful and breathtaking. 

Is there something in your life right now that seems impossible?

Not just something that is hard or difficult but something that is impossible, something like having a baby when you are a hundred years old?
For God, ANYTHING is possible. (<-- Tweet this


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