When it feels like everyone is living larger than you are

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This year I'm on a "well" journey. I'm figuring out what well means while learning to love well, read well, and run well. I realised early on that I didn't want to take this journey alone so invited you to come with me and share your stories of "well". The good, the bad, and the ugly. If you missed the first few of these stories by Kimberly and Ashley I encourage you to read those too. 
Today I'm sharing a post from Maria. Maria and her family entered our lives about five years ago when her family moved to Hogsback, my parents home town and joined their church. Here she shares what she's learning about living well while living "small". 


His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master's happiness!' Matthew 25:21

Writing a guest blog is not easy. You are writing to an audience you don’t know and the temptation is to write to impress. 

To forget that the purpose of doing something well, is to do it so that God gets the glory and not I. To keep in mind that it is not in the “doing” but in the heart and the faith with which it is done.

During the first weeks and months of this year, I thought often and hard on what it meant to live each day to the fullest. To “number my days aright before the Lord”, to live well.

There is well, better and best. Which did I want to aim for?

It had me searching my bible for something meaningful, something to make my own, a phrase, a verse, a word. My search only brought me to another question: “How then shall we live?” (Ezekiel 33:10).

Well”, seemed a good answer, but I needed to define for myself what this actually meant.

I spend my days with an almost five and a six year old. We learn, we play, I clean, I cook, they explore, they eat... Then we sleep, a new day dawns and the same routine plays itself out. Obviously painted with many different colours, but the outline of the picture remains the same.

Not much scope for grand purposes and ideals, one would think.

Mercifully, I am learning to see differently, although not quite well yet.

Slowly a hole has appeared in the chrysalis and the butterfly has been given a glimpse outside the protective covering, the sheltered state of her existence so far.

I am learning that if my day-to-day life is threaded with one single purpose, all the striving and yearning to do well, takes a second place:
The wish to know Jesus WELL.

What I am learning is that:
  • - Jesus is my well-spring of living water. As with the Samaritan woman, who had drunk from too many wells, tried to please too many people and remained empty, I am learning that only Jesus can identify those deep longings and fill my thirsty soul. 
  • - Jesus knows me well. Loves me better than I can ever imagine and wants what is best for me.
  • - Jesus personally invites me to have a relationship with Him. It will be a well-spring of living water for me and all those whom I come into contact with.
  • - Jesus can only be received by grace through faith and not of myself. As a gift, not a result of good works or doing well.
  • - Jesus is the only one who can direct me well. He holds the map of my life and is the One I need to follow to receive His wellness and live in His will.
  • - Jesus has overcome the world. From the mundane to the mountains that I face, I face with Him. And overcome with Him.
My worth is in Jesus. He wills me to live well, but He does not frown when I spend a day just watching my children play in the forest and welcome my husband home to a messy house.

He measures “well” by the state of my heart. The more it is filled with him, the “better” it will become. My best is given in humility, in recognising that even in and from my seemingly small world, He can set great plans in motion.

If you have ever felt that your life is “small”, that everyone is living better than you, think again. Jesus’ counterbalance on the scale is love. If we fill ourselves with this love, we will never be found wanting. For if Jesus has made you well you are and will be well indeed. 


About Maria
I live in the mountain village of Hogsback, South Africa, with my beautiful husband and our two precious boys. My days are filled with nurturing my family and caring for the land we live on. I endeavour to live in a way that honours God and acknowledges Jesus as my Saviour. I am a full time mother and my spare time is spent writing, creating, teaching and playing!
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