When you need to pause for a moment

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I’m excited to be sharing the words of one of my past colleagues here today. Dana is not a person who wastes words. So when her guest submission showed up in my inbox I stopped and paid attention. And what I read was beautiful. I hope this post helps you to find your own Selah moment. 


"Well" - a wholesome, complete, healthy word. 

But also, one that brings me to pause. Why? Well, because it can also be used as an interjection, an added word of emotion - one that could suggest a moment of exclamation or perhaps quiet emphasis. 

The Psalms hold a similar word. It is "Selah". 

As the Amplified version rightly puts it: [pause, and calmly think of that] (for example, in Psalm 3:4). It encourages the singer of the Psalm to take a moment and consider what they've just sung. 

In my view, life has its "Selah" moments too. 

I find myself in a "Selah" moment. I'm in a rare window of time where I can close my eyes, breathe deeply and say, "Well..." 

There aren't many of these moments in life, but more often when they do come, they are moments that redefine us. 

As "well" is an interjection of speech, a "well" moment is a junction in our life path. 

At this juncture in my life, I'm at home most of the day with my only weeks old baby boy. Each day is structured around this little bundle's needs. While it's been far from a holiday, it has definitely been a change of tone from the routine I've been accustomed to. It has caused me to stop and consider. It has altered my course. 

We all need these "Selah" moments. 

If life doesn't bring one to you, perhaps it's time that you create one - cause yourself to stop. 

Stop and think. 
Think about what you've read in the chapter of your life just written. 
Think about the ways God has guided your path. 
Think about the mistakes you've owned up to. 
Think about the world you've experienced. 
Think about your high notes.
Think about your impact on others. 
Think about their impact on you. 
Most of all, think with gratefulness on the One who created all of the good gifts that you have received; the One who brings you to this "Selah" moment; the One who gives you something worth thinking about.

I believe that when the "Selah" moment is done, you'll have a better understanding, a clearer conscience and a cleaner view. You'll find it easier to approach the next chapter in your life with energy and, well, wholeness. 

That's what I want. 

I want my "well" moment to count; to counter my fears; to encounter my fresh start. [Tweet this]

Okay, let's stop there. Now, will you pause, and calmly think on that?


About Dana Tsafandakis
I am a quiet creative, happy wife, new mom and convicted Believer. I've worked in the TV industry for the past 8 years. My favourite place is home and I enjoy a good read, a cup of strong Ceylon tea and a bite of dark chocolate.


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