If you've ever wondered if God can accept all of you, read this

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It is so great to journey with others. I have been loving the stories you have been sharing with me what “well” means to you. I will be sharing them here over the coming weeks but today I'm excited to share the Ashley's thoughts on "well". I love that the thoughts she's shared here were so fresh and newly formed. So often I think that I can't share something until I've figured out exactly how to say it. Ashley reminded me that living "well" sometimes means being brave enough to share the messy parts of us as we grow.


I just wanted to start off by saying that I love Wendy's site - I especially love what she has done with it recently. I started reading I Love Devotionals before I started my own blog and it was one of the first I subscribed to. I love how real and raw Wendy's writing is and how she weaves Jesus into her everyday life and shares about that with us.

More to the point I love the new "topic”: well.

This is something that I am always asking – how do I live "well"? 

It's a tough question and I think there are many correct answers, it depends on which answer best fits you or I.

But I believe I have figured out the first step to what living well means for me (just a half an hour ago I might add... and it might not be quite that easy either). Or at least the first step for anyone like me who is a perfectionist, always expecting the best from myself and rejecting anything that perfect. 

I have been reading through a book called "Changes That Heal" by Henry Cloud. This is a quote straight from the book that my heart needed to hear in a huge way: 
"'God expects me to be all good.' Nothing could be farther from the truth, but no distortion is more common than this one. God has said repeatedly that we are sinners, and he expects us to fall over and over again. He knows our frame, says the psalmist (Ps. 103:14). We must comprehend the way in which God sees us, both to be humbled away from our perfectionism and to be awestruck by his grace."

I feel like I knew this but I wasn't choosing to believe it. 

I knew that God accepted me as I was but I always felt that meant that I wasn't allowed to stay there. But instead it doesn't mean that I am not allowed - it means that I don't have to stay there. God accepts me as I am and wants to help me move along to being better.

Cloud writes about how until I accept myself as I truly am I won't be able to truly heal from the past. 

I’m learning that if I want to live well, it starts with accepting the parts of me that I want to change. Until I accept this is part of who I am, there is no room for improvement. 

How frustrating but also freeing at the same time.

But how do I do this? 
Honestly, I'm still learning but I believe it starts with confession. To ourselves first and then to a trusted loved one - confession of the parts of me I want to change: The ugly. The sinful. The yucky.
Because the beauty of all this is that Jesus died for these things: the big messy things, but also the tiny little ones too. 

Jesus loved us so much that He chose not to condemn us. He chose to rescue us. But to be rescued I need to realise His acceptance of those messy parts before I can grow. 

Isn't it wonderful? I have the option to grow and become lovelier. I pray that I will be able to do this well.

Heavenly Father - Thank you for all that Jesus did for us, thank you for accepting those parts of us that we don't even like. Help us to accept these messy, yucky parts of ourselves. Help us to realise how accepted and loved we are by you. Help us to confess them and help us to grow into a better example of your love. And help us to be a people that live well this year and display your love to those of around us.

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