5 devotionals to help you through hopeless situations

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I write most of the devotionals on this site myself however I love sharing the voices of others who have found Jesus is with them and likes them in the midst of something hard. 

Sometimes I ask people who inspire me to write for me, and other times they ask if they can share something. 

Here are some of the devotionals written by guests on my site that inspired me and challenged me the most in 2015. (If you'd like to see your devotional on this site in 2016 go here to find out how that can happen).

How I learned not to worry about tomorrow
There is a funny story about this post. I was sitting worrying about what to write on the blog tomorrow. I was thinking about how Xylon just arrived back from 2 weeks away, and how I wanted to spend time with him, and not write. Then I thought let me check my mail and I saw a mail from my friend Nelet with a guest post submission. Not any guest post submission but this one about not worrying about tomorrow. Felt like God was speaking write to me, saying, “See, you’re worth more than many sparrows. I will look after you. Here’s a devotional for tomorrow.” I hope it meets you right where you are just like it did me. 
When God breathes life into a hopeless situation
This is another guest post that came to me at just the right time. Xylon and I had just heard that it looked like his cancer had reoccurred. This was bad news with few viable (in our minds) treatment options open to us. I was feeling pretty hopeless and then this devotional by Sandra popped into my inbox. May it breathe life into your hopeless situations too.

What to do when you no longer feel God’s presence
I loved the honesty of this post that Brett wrote for me. I think, if we’re honest, there are times when every person who believes in Jesus wonders where on earth he is. Brett talks about a time in his life where for 18 whole months he couldn’t feel God presence. Definitely, worth reading.

How to know if it is time to leave your past behind
I’m always partial to lending this space to another South African blogger. I hope you’ll enjoy Fran’s story (and feel challenged) about something as every day as a dining room table. I know it got me thinking.
What to do when life isn't going the way you want
Kelly asks hard questions in this post. I know for myself these are questions I have to get real and ask myself time and time again. If you’re in a place in your life where you’re wondering why life isn’t going the way you want, or the way you thought the Bible promised it would than this might be the post you need to read (even if you don’t want to). 

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