When you need God’s grace even while you doubt his goodness

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So a few weeks ago I decided to stop being awesome

I decided that instead of killing myself posting 10+ devotionals while trying to prepare for a trip I would take a blogging break. I should be back to my regular posting schedule from 19 October. 

In the mean time I’m sharing a post every week or so with links to some of the stories I’ve loved reading and sharing over the last few months. 

I know how hard it is to see God’s goodness in hard times which I am excited to share these six posts with you today. If you’re going through tough times it’s okay to doubt, to question and to hope (sometimes all three at the same time). 

Your destiny is not to be in pain by Sarah Mae // Because it’s okay to ask “If God is good, why did He let evil into the world? Why did He create Satan?”

The Five Ws and One H of Faith by Amy Sorrells // Because we can learn a lot about God through asking questions 

God gives grace, even when we doubt by Kate Motaung // Because Kate’s story is testimony to the fact that even we’re terrified of the future God gives grace

Meeting Jesus By Mary DeMuth // Because some days I need to be reminded that "Choosing to take the next step even if you feel abandoned by God, is a holy practice."

Cultivate blessing by Micha Boyett // Because sometimes God's blessing looks nothing like we thought it would. 

Making me believe. Again. by Brianna vanderWeide // Because you're not the only one who has ever had a crisis of faith. 

If you’ve read anything that you’ve loved (or written something) you think I would enjoy please share a link in the comments and I'll take a look when I get back. 

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