When everyone else seems to have a better life than you, read this

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I’m taking a break from posting devotionals every Monday and Thursday for a while. It started back in September and I should be back to my regular posting from 19 October. 

In the mean time I’m sharing a post every week or so with links to some of the stories I’ve loved reading and sharing over the last few months. 

This list includes a bunch of posts I’ve found helpful in overcoming insecurity and being brave when I feel insignificant. 

Just run your race at your pace by Holley Gerth // Because it is so easy to look at what everyone else is doing and think where you are right now isn’t good enough. 

Courage and acknowledging desire by Claire Wyatt // Because this post is about so much more than just wanting to be married and have children. It’s a post for anyone who is wondered if it’s okay to speak his or her desires out loud.

An ordinary journey by Amy Julia Becker // Because it’s not just the men and women who endure dramatic hard stuff that emerge as heroes...

Something to remember when social media makes you feel bad about yourself by Al Andrews // Because I recently went and unfollowed everyone on Instagram who made me feel that my life just wasn’t good enough. I totally needed this reminder. You might too. 

Good Enough is Good Enough by Jennifer Dukes Lee // Because when we’re tempted to compare we’ll always fine ourselves in need of more. 

When you’re terrified of insignificance by Aliza Latta // Because we’ve all been there but you don’t have to stay there. 

When you wonder if God really loves you by Emily Wierenga // Because some days it’s hard to believe you matter to God. 

When you feel lonely and left out by Crystal Paine // Because you don’t have to sit there on your own.

If you’ve read anything that you’ve loved (or written something) you think I would enjoy please share a link in the comments and I'll take a look when I get back. 

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