When your season of healing is longer and more painful then you ever imagined, read this

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Addie Zierman quote on healing
I won’t be posting a devotional every Monday and Thursday while we’re travelling but from time-to-time (if you’re a subscriber) you will find a post like this one with a few posts that I’ve loved reading and sharing on twitter over the last few months. I'm expecting to be back to sharing new devotionals from 19 October. 

I thought this blogging break would be a good opportunity to share some of the posts I’ve been loving over the last few months and maybe introduce you to a few new writers and bloggers at the same time. Until I get back I won't be posting with my regular Monday and Thursday rhythm but you can expect a mail with a few links to things I've been enjoying reading every now and again. 

Here are a few good reads about healing, wholeness and finding hope in suffering because sometimes healing takes longer and is more painful then we ever imagined. So here is some hope for the times when you feel like you’re falling to pieces:

Why the season you’re in is so complicated by Margaret Feinberg // Because Margaret has been there. She’s had cancer, and fought back with joy, so when she speaks about healing, it’s worth taking notice.

A dirt path and the beginning of hope by Bethany Suckrow // Because a season of healing doesn’t rarely means keeping up appearances. 

All Our Crooked, Half-Healed Places by Addie Zierman // Because we can do some healing alone, but not all of it. 

Jeremiah 29:11 Doesn’t Mean What You Think by Mary DeMuth //
Because God does have good plans for you and sometimes it’s hard to remember that thriving in difficulties is part of that.

When you have hidden hollow places by Amber Haines // Because Amber writes beautiful truth for all of us who have hidden hollow places (isn't that all of us?)
Trigger warning: This post deals with abortion. 

The truth that could make all the difference for you today by Jennifer Dukes Lee // Because Jesus wept. He didn’t just cry. He wept. 

The God of Lost Things by Alia Joy // Because Hope is hard.

One more push by Alise Chaffins // Because one day we will all be held by the one who made us.
Trigger warning: This post deals with baby loss. 

The Value Of Suffering (Part 2, 3, And 4) by Erika Morrison // Because even though I don’t understand it, pain is part of the point and plan by which we are healed, saved and continuously made right. And Erika helps me understand that.

If you’ve read anything that you’ve loved (or written something) you think I or my reader would enjoy please share a link in the comments and I'll take a look when I get back. 

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