One surprising thing I often forget to do in the good times

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Give thanks to God—he is good
    and his love never quits. 1 Chronicles 16:34

A few hours before we were to see the doctor to get Xylon’s results of his scan I could feel the tension building in me. 

I thought about all the previous meetings, about the last scare we had. I thought about how so many meetings with doctors have ended in hearing words I never want to hear uttered again.

As we walked in to see the Doctor she laughed apologetically and said, “This would be the day I forget my glasses. I’m having to squint to see what is written on the scan results and compare measurements.”

Then she told us, “But it’s all good. The measurements are all the same or decreasing. The areas we biopsied last time are still visible but we know those are reactive cells.”

I think she said something else but I wasn’t really listening. I was letting it sink in that Xylon is in remission. 

I’m learning to give thanks to God even when I’m confused about why and who God heals

I’m learning to thank God when something really cool happens like having a bible with 5 devotionals I wrote get delivered to my doorstep by Zondervan. 

And I’m stopping and saying thank you for love that never quits when I see flowers opening after days of rain. 

Thank you God for a dog that wags his tail like mad when he sees me. 

Thanks God for food that nourishes me, for a roof that covers my head, for warm blankets, for…

Over the last few years I have learnt to say through the hard times that, God is good and his love never quits.(tweet this)

But now I'm learning that it is just as important to say “God is good and his love never quits” in the good times.

Ponder: What can you thank God for today?

Prayer: God, thank you for [name three things in your area of vision you can thank God for today].

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