When the only way out is a miracle (and an invitation to #prayforzero)

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In their distress, they called out to the Eternal,
    and He saved them from their misery.
He gave the order and healed them
    and rescued them from certain death. 
Psalm 107:19-20 (VOICE)

This past week has been pretty crazy for me. Aside from dealing with all the emotions that come with the results of Xylon's last scan (you can read this post if you missed that update) I've also been traveling a lot for work.

I only have to travel half a dozen times a year for work but have 3 back-to-back trips in a 10-day period. Not. Great. Timing. 

On Friday, I flew home for 24-hours to see the oncologist with Xylon and go through the scan results and treatment options in person.

Xylon sent this message out to family and close friends:
Just saw the oncologist. There is a 65% chance it's cancer and a 35% chance it's not. The next step is to see the surgeon who will cut out one of the lesions and test it. They will make an appointment for us next week. We fully trust God, so if you could too and pray, that will be great. Fully believe we are going to witness a miracle here.

I walked out the doctors’ office after hearing there is a chance this isn't cancer and said, "God, it's your time to shine." 

I know that if this test comes back negative it'll be 100% a God miracle. 

At the same time my faith feels so small right now. And I’m so glad that the burden of healing sits on God’s shoulders and not mine. 

I’m clinging to the bible verses, like Psalm 107:19-20 that talk about how God heals:
In their distress, they called out to the Eternal,    and He saved them from their misery.He gave the order and healed them    and rescued them from certain death. 
And at the same time struggling with the fact that God doesn’t heal everyone. 

When I do find the words to pray they sound a lot like, “Lord, help me in my unbelief.” 

We see the surgeon on Wednesday (in another 24-hour gap when I’m home) and then surgery will be scheduled. The lymph nodes they have to cut out are in awkward places this time and not palpable to touch so surgery is unavoidable to get a diagnosis. 

Please join Xylon and I and #prayforzero (zero cancer) in this biopsy. {tweet this}

Here are four devotionals I’ve written in the past that I’ve felt the need to re-read in the last week. Maybe they’ll encourage you, if like me you’re struggling with worry, doubt and weariness:  
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