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For now, we can only see a dim and blurry picture of things, as when we stare into polished metal. I realize that everything I know is only part of the big picture. But one day, when Jesus arrives, we will see clearly, face-to-face. In that day, I will fully know just as I have been wholly known by God. 1 Corinthians 13:12 (VOICE)

If you look at our couch now it looks like something we spent a lot of money on.

But that's not the full story of our couch. In fact, that's not even part of the story of our couch.

We were given our couch because it was being thrown out. 

The fabric was torn, it had stains from all kinds of bodily fluids and dirty hands and the cushions no longer held. Did I mention, it was also mustard yellow?

The previous owners had decided there was no salvaging it. 

Xylon and I weren’t married and he lived in a one bedroom flat with just a bed, a microwave, and bicycle. 

The thought of having something to sit on that you didn't need to pedal, even if it was past its best days was enticing. So he took the couch that was going to be thrown into the garbage.

We spent an afternoon with a rented steam cleaner sanitizing the couch and then covered it in a number of throws. 

A year later, once we were married, this old couch moved with him into our new flat and became "our couch". 

One of our wedding gifts was upholstery fabric for the couch. My sister-in-law, who works in the furniture industry, helped us source a good quality upholsterer at industry prices, and two weeks later our couch came home. 

After some tender loving care the couch looked better than it ever had. 

When we shared the picture with the previous owner they said, “Can we have it back?”

Sometimes it’s impossible to see the hard story when it’s covered up to look like new.  (tweet this

Most days I forget that if you look at our couch now you'd never guess its story.

Or that if you looked at Xylon and I walking hand-in-hand along the beach you wouldn’t know our story either. The one where half our total anniversaries have been in hospital wards while he had chemotherapy.

I felt God reminding me this weekend that I don’t know the full story of my life. 

I only see in part. God sees the whole. (tweet this

Your life is part of a bigger story. The hard parts aren't the whole story, they're just a chapter, and they're not how the story ends. 

One day, Jesus will arrive, and we'll see the whole story, but for now just remember that this - this hard stuff you're walking through now - is only part of the story. 

Ponder: What is happening in your life at the moment that you need to be reminded is only part of your story? 

Prayer: Jesus, I realize that everything I know is only part of the big picture. I can’t wait for the day when you arrive, and I will see clearly, face-to-face. Thank you that for now I can rest in the confidence that I am wholly known by God. Amen.

PS: I thought since I was writing about our couch it would be fun to include a pic of it. So I snapped all the pics in about our house for this blog today. Sadly I couldn't find a pic in it's "before" condition so you just get an "after". 

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