A few thoughts on why Christians are leaving the faith in droves

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And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him. Hebrews 11:6 (ESV)

“I offered her a banana during our cycle and she told me, ‘No thanks. I want to try this new product that I bought that says it is 100% natural energy,’” Xylon tells me on his return from his bike ride. “I looked at the banana in my hand and wondered how much more natural can you get?”

I laughed when Xylon told me this story but it stuck with me. It happened months ago but I still think about this incident a lot, about how his riding partner that day would rather eat something promoted as real fruit than a banana. 

I’ve been thinking about this as I read this report about how Christians are leaving the faith in droves. 

Sometimes faith is hard. Real hard. (tweet this)

When Xylon got cancer it was hard to believe in a loving God. 

When my nephew was born with Down Syndrome it felt easier to question whether God exists then to believe he is in control. 

Sometimes religion seems like an easier option than faith. (tweet this)

When Xylon got cancer bargaining with God that I would never miss a Sunday of church seemed easier than trusting that God cared for Xylon more than I. 

When my nephew was born with Down Syndrome promising to pray three times a day if God would heal him seemed easier than burrowing into the arms of God and allowing him to change me. 

Sometimes it’s easier to hold on to what we have, than to exchange it for what we cannot see. (tweet this)

There are plenty of times when I struggle with my faith, when I question God’s existence, but what I’m learning is that I’d rather have Jesus – his wounds, his love, his Godness and humanness – than anything else posing as the real thing. 

Ponder: What makes you question God’s existence? And the flipside what convinces you he is real? (I’d love you to put your thoughts down in the comments on my blog)

Prayer: Jesus, help me to know you are real. Help me not to be tempted to trade the real relationship I have with you in for something that looks good. Amen.

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