How to pray when you want God to change your life

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Claire Diaz-Ortiz quote hope runs
We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God’s purpose prevails. Proverbs 19:21 (MSG)

This year I prayed a reckless prayer: Lord, disturb me.

I stumbled over the words of Sir Francis Drake as I asked that God would disturb me when my dreams come true because I’ve dreamed too little, that God disturb me when I arrive safely because I sail too close to the shore.

I prayed a hard and holy prayer and made "disturb" my #OneWord365, the 7 letters that I’m going to circle back to for the next year.

I’ve been waiting for God to disturb my life but so far nothing has shifted.

Yet I feel God is preparing me for something. 

Proverbs 19:21 The lord's purpose prevailsRecently I bought a book by Claire Diaz-Ortiz called Hope Runs*. I'm only about half way through but I’ve realised it is book about how God disturbs the life she thought she would have for the life he wanted her to have. 

When Claire Diaz-Ortiz arrived in Kenya at the end of an around-the-world journey, she decided to stay the night, climb Mt. Kenya, then head back home. 

She entered an orphanage seeing it as little more than a free place to spend the night before her mountain trek. 

God had other plans.

While there Claire prays: 
If you have put this place in my road to change me, please open my eyes so that I can see. (tweet this)

I loved that. 

I’ve started praying it.

Letting the words move from my head to my soul. 

I don’t know what place or person or opportunity God might put in my road but I’m praying that God will open my eyes so that I can see. 

Ponder: What person, place or opportunity might God have put in your road to change you?

Prayer: If you have put this place in my road to change me, please open my eyes so that I can see.

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