Top 10 Devotionals of 2013

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At the beginning of 2013, my husband and I thought that the cancer chapter of our lives was behind us but by February it was back. 2013 turned into another year of cancer treatments. It was also a year though where I was reminded of how much God loves me, loves us. How he is present in all the hard stuff and near in the joyful stuff. As I reflect on the year I thought I’d share the 10 most popular posts on this year.  

How To Pray When You're Angry
Someone made me so angry today that I just wanted to fight. I wanted to shout angry mean words at them. And tell them how I felt. But then I remembered that isn’t what Jesus would do. 
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Does Your Relationship Status Define Your Life?
I stumbled across a friends profile on Twitter the other day. “…Married…” I wasn’t surprised that she was married I was surprised that she wore it as a status symbol. There is so much more to life than a relationship status.
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What Do You Do When Your Circumstances Seem Bigger Than God?
These are big things. Just one of these things happening at a time would be a big thing. In addition my grandfather passed away a few weeks ago. If I allow myself to think about all the big things I’m dealing with, it is easy to begin to think that my circumstances are bigger than God. 
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That time I Had A Breakdown & God Was Silent
I pray. I ask God to speak. To tell me what is going on. Request that he at least whispers something beautiful to me, something that will still my soul. Nothing. God is quiet. I’m having a breakdown and God is silent.
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When prayer is more than a nice idea
In medical terms my husband is going to be born again that Friday they infuse life into his dead bone marrow. His old blood will be gone and a new life begins. I spoke to someone the other day about how this procedure is a medical marvel but I didn’t really feel that way, to me this procedure is something that scares me. Something I need prayer for. 
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Can God save broken dreams?

For three weeks I left my husband in an isolation ward and went home alone. 
This wasn’t the way I dreamt our marriage would be. In my wildest dreams I never imagined we’d spend two of the first of three years of our marriage facing down cancer
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Do you want God's greatest blessing for your life?
I whispered this prayer beneath a canopy of trees on my wedding day,  “Lord, take me to the place of your greatest blessing.” Eight months later I prayed it out between sobs when my husband received his cancer diagnosis, “Lord! Take me…to the place of….Your. Greatest. Blessing.”
Read the full devotional here.

If you feel unloved, unimportant or insecure
The year I turned 13 my parents asked me what I’d like for my birthday. 
I could have asked for anything but I requested an “I-Love-You” box. 
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But God's not finished
Sometimes I am tired of waiting. Done with everything. Over waiting for medical results. Frustrated that I don’t know when this whole cancer treatment thing will end.  Sometimes I feel finished. Which is why I loved discovering this verse about how God is not finished. 
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For the days when life isn’t a fairytale (or how can I stop bad stuff happening to me?) 
The perfect place for my husband to end the story would probably be when he marries the girl of his dreams (me) and sets off to travel the world. But life isn’t a fairytale. The next chapter of his life is the one everyone has gathered to hear. It starts with the retelling of the day he heard he had cancer… 
Read the full devotional here.

Leave a comment and tell me what your favourite devotional of 2013 was?

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