For the days when you feel like giving up

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Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up. Expect God to get here soon. Psalm 31:24 (MSG)

I’ve been working on a project for a few years now. It’s been hard work. 

I’ve given my free-time to it, spent money on it, poured my heart into it. 

This project has been a dream of mine since my late teens. I’ve spent the last two years focusing on it, but a decade working towards it. 

In the last month or so I haven’t really had a passion for it. I’ve felt tired. I’ve felt like giving up. I started to consider whether it was worth my time, money, and heart. 

Every time I thought I should stop I felt like giving up wasn’t the right route to take. 

I was sure that God hadn’t given me this dream for me to give up on it when it felt hard. 

I felt like I needed to push through. Maybe I should clarify, I didn’t feel like I wanted to push through, but rather I had a feeling that if I gave up I’d miss out on something beautiful in the future. 

So I kept going. Each week I’d wake up and do the tasks that needed to be completed. 

I would simply do the next thing. 

With each task I would hope that either the passion would come back, or that something would happen to let me see that this project was not without purpose. 

On the hard days I needed to remember Psalm 31:24, 
Be brave. Be strong. Don’t give up. Expect God to get here soon. (tweet this)

Then one day last week I opened my mail and there was a message with an opportunity that reminded me why I started this project in the first place. 

As I read the email I realised that if I’d given up, when I felt like it a month or so ago, this breakthrough would never have come. 

Sometimes it is only in pushing through hard times that I find the things that God has for me. (tweet this)

Ponder: What dreams do you have that feel hard at the moment? Are they worth pushing through for the reward that may come at the end?

Prayer: God, help me to be brave and not give up. I’m expecting you turn up soon and show me the things you have for me. Amen. 

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