How Do I Find Peace?

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Jesus answered her, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.” John 4:10 (NIV)

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“When the two of you walk into the room there is a peace about you. It’s a certain aura that you have. Do you work on it?”

My husband and I are a bit taken back by this question. We look at each other over the dinner table and wonder how to answer our friend.

This man has just about everything money can buy - and enough money to buy everything he could ever want - but he’s asking us where our peace comes from.

All I can think is, “Jesus. He’s seeing Jesus in us.”

I think about saying it, I think about just blurting out, “Jesus”.

But the “Jesus” answer seems too clichéd, too cheesy, too tainted by association with religion. (tweet this)

So I keep quiet. 

And my husband talks about other things and the moment passes. 

As we drive home I tell my husband, “I feel like a bad Christian…shouldn’t we have told our friend about Jesus?”

We talk about whether we missed a God appointment, and we pray that if we did God will give us another, and that we will be braver next time. 

I wonder about what Jesus might have said to my friend and a story in John pops into my head. 

It’s the story of Jesus talking to a woman at a well. She comes to the well with a jar to draw water and Jesus stands next to it empty handed. Jesus asks her for a drink. 

She tells Jesus they shouldn’t even be talking, let alone sharing water from the well. In fact, she reprimands him for even asking. Jesus replies, “If you knew who I am you would ask me for a drink and I’d give you fresh, living water.”

Jesus. just. didn’t. care. He gave himself away freely. (tweet this)

Jesus told the woman that what she really sought was him. 

Jesus didn’t worry if he’d sound crazy or clichéd or like a religious nut he just spoke the truth. 

The truth is if you’re looking for life you’ll find it in Jesus.

If you are searching for peace you’ll find it in Jesus. (tweet this)

Jesus is life and peace. 

I’m realizing that Jesus is worth offering even when he sounds too clichéd, too cheesy, too tainted by association with religion. 

When was the last time you offered Jesus to someone? What made you do it or what stopped you? 

Prayer for courage
Photo: Matthias Rhomberg via photopin cc | Design: Wendy van Eyck
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