What Do You Do When Your Circumstances Seem Bigger Than God?

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quotes about God and worry
I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world. John 16:33 (NLT)

What big things are going on in your life right now?

Have you recently: 

  • been kicked out of your home? 
  • Lost a job? 
  • Miscarried? 
  • Held the hand of a loved one while they took their last breath? 
  • Gone for surgery?
  • ___________?

I’ve got a lot of big things happening my life right now.

My husband is starting chemo for the second time in a year today.

My brother is having a 3-5 hour operation to remove a 30cm section of his intestine today.

In fact both things are happening at the same hospital, at the same time. 

These are big things. Just one of these things happening at a time would be a big thing.

In addition my grandfather passed away a few weeks ago. 

If I allow myself to sit and think about all the big things my family is dealing with right now it is easy for me to begin to think that my circumstances are bigger than God. 

It gets harder and harder to see God’s presence because all the difficult things ask for attention, time and energy. 

Often the urgency of these hard things makes them bigger and bigger in our lives until it’s hard to see God.

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It is easy to begin believing that God isn’t in control of everything when there are lots of big things happening at once. 

To be honest I sometimes think it would be easier to believe God was out of control than wondering how God allows death, cancer and chronic illness and other hardships. 

In hard times God can seem so distant, so far away, such an out of touch father. 

Other times God can feel so close it is like he is holding you, propping you up and helping you walk through the hard things. 

When my problems become so big that they begin to make God look small in my eyes, I remind myself that Jesus told us there would be many trials and sorrows but that we could have peace in him because he has overcome all these hard things. 

When I remember God has overcome I begin to see my problems in their proper perspective. I start to notice that these hard things could not overcome my God. 

Have death, or cancer or chronic illness or any other hard thing ever overcome our God? 

When I start thinking of it that way these big things I’ve been allowing to cloud out my vision of God begin to look very small. 

All of our big things are small things to God. (<-- Tweet this)

When I remember this it doesn’t make the big things disappear but it does put them in their proper perspective. 

It reminds that my problems are really small things. 

Jesus can overcome anything. (<-- Tweet this)

Even in the midst of trials and sorrows we can find peace in Jesus if we remember how much bigger than our problems he is.

What big thing are you facing in your life right now? 

A prayer for you if your circumstances are feeling bigger than God: 
A prayer if your circumstances are feeling bigger than God:
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