God Never Kicks You When You're Down

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You will be secure, because there is hope; you will look about you and take your rest in safety. Job 11:18 (NIV)

Hope in God lifts us up
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Ever experienced a moment when you realize your hope isn’t in God?

I experienced that last week. 

I was angry. I wanted to hit someone and at least yell at someone on the phone.

The medical aid had sent a letter to say they would not be paying for the chemotherapy treatment that my husband needed. 

I felt like the medical aid were killing my husband and I was not happy. 

It felt a lot like being kicked when you’re already down. 

Isn’t having a husband with cancer bad enough? Let alone having the medication he needs turned down.*

I thought of Job in those moments. I thought of how it must of felt to just have everything ripped away from you and then get sick on top of that. 

To be honest thinking of Job made me feel a little better because my life wasn’t that bad.

It also made me realize that my hope was misplaced. 

I’d been hoping in chemotherapy to heal my husband. Instead of putting my hope in God to do the best for me.

When I realized that it felt like I’d been kicked again. 

I thought of the friends that came and counseled Job in his misery, how one of them told him, “You will be secure, because there is hope”.

I wondered how I’d misplaced my hope, how I’d put it in something man does and not in God.

I’d felt so secure when I knew that my husband could have chemotherapy with a 80% positive outcome. It felt easy to have confidence in God then.

Then it was all ripped away. The crutch that I’d be calling hope was removed and I realized that I’d been leaning on medicine and not on God.

False hope kicks us when we're down, Hope in God reaches out and lifts us up. (<-- Click here to tweet this)

I prayed right there, that God would help me to put my hope in him and not in man. That God would teach me to place my confidence in him especially when trusting God is harder than hoping in what I can see. 

It was hard to pray those words. Hard to give up my hope in medicine but what peace came with putting my husband and myself back in his hands.

I think some days that’s all God wants from us. 

The Lord just wants us to have a quiet confidence in his promises even when we don’t feel like they can be true.

God doesn’t want a declaration that everything will be okay or that it’s not hard. (<-- Click here to tweet this)

God just wants us to believe that he can when we are sure that we can’t. 

The Lord wants us be secure in him and find our hope in him.

When we do we’ll discover the safest place is in God's arms.

We’ll also discover that when we hope in God it never feels like we’ve been kicked when we’re down.

Is there an area of your life where you’ve been putting your hope in something else instead of God? If not, please pray this: 
Lord Jesus, help me to put my hope in you and nowhere else. Show me how to place my confidence in you instead of what I can see. As I put my hope in you God please give me a peace in my heart that no matter what happens in your arms I am safe.

* For those of you following my husbands story. We contacted the medical aid the next day and they said the letter was a mistake and his treatment was approved. 

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