Trusting Even When God Doesn’t Give You A Sign

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{Guest Devotional by Ellen Williams}

“The Lord said to him, “Go with the strength you have and rescue Israel from the Midianites.  I am sending you.”  Judges 6:14 (NLT)

God has no limitations
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Sleep was unattainable.  

A 2 a.m. call from my oldest son to let me know he had been arrested six hours away from home left me baffled.  

I sought refuge and guidance from the Lord. 

I felt hopeless.  

As I read His promises I felt Him whisper “Ellen, this is not the worse that can happen.  Your son not knowing me is.  Trust Me and keep your focus on Me.”  

I thought maybe this would be my son’s rock bottom, and maybe this was what was necessary for him to turn his life around, and give it back to God.  

I then recalled some of the amazing testimonies I have heard or read about on how God has taken similar situations and done extraordinary things through them.  

It was these reminders and thoughts from the Lord that helped me go back to sleep peacefully.  

Morning came, and well meaning family members started stating the what-if’s, could’ve been’s, and worst case scenarios, I turned my focus away from the peace the Lord offered and towards my fears.  

I was literally consumed with fear by the time we reached the jail.  

When they released him to us, I hugged him and cried and then…. I unloaded my fear and anger on him.  

“Mom, I thought you would go Jesus on me,” he responded. 

It didn’t really sink in deep what he said for a few days but when it did, it hit me hard!  

I didn’t “go Jesus” on him, I went “Ellen” on him.  

My focus was not on Jesus, my focus was on what is seen and judged in this world to be acceptable, not the Truth He whispered to me the night before.  

I could have responded like one who fully believes the most important thing in life is to know Jesus and His redeeming love, full of trust in the Lord and what He is infinitely capable of doing, in any circumstance…. but I didn’t.   

God sent me, just like Gideon.  

He didn’t send me off to war. 

He sent me nonetheless to shine His Light full of grace and redeeming love on my son. 

Instead I went “my” way focusing on my fears instead of focusing on the Lord’s strength.

When the angel of the Lord first appeared to Gideon and told him he was a mighty hero and the Lord was with him, Gideon had trouble believing him, because he thought God was not performing miracles for them like He did for their ancestors.  

Gideon believed the Lord had abandoned them and handed them over to the Midianites.  

Reading this, I started to wonder why is it that when I am going through something difficult I question God’s presence.  

Like Gideon, it is easier for me to see the Lord’s provision in other people’s lives when they are going through difficult times but difficult to see Him in my own.  

I mean think about those same ancestors Gideon referred to, the ones who saw the sea parted and who received manna from heaven.  

Looking back Gideon saw God’s provision for them and yet those ancestors missed it and wandered for forty years.  

Obviously, I do the same thing!  

Are my descendants going to say how clearly obvious it was that God’s hand was at work in my life while I miss it in the here and now?  

The Lord tells Gideon “Go with your strength and save Israel…I am the one who is sending you” (NCV).  

Gideon’s strength would never have been enough and yet the Lord tells Gideon to go in his strength, why?  

I have to believe the Lord wanted Gideon to acknowledge his own weakness to humble him but also to give him encouragement by telling him “I am the one who is sending you”.  

That is exactly how the Lord reaches me at times and corrects my perspective.  

The Lord wants me to realize I am weak so He can remind me He is not!  

Where I have limitations, God does not. (<-- Click here to tweet this)

I can’t help but think about how vividly my son might have SEEN God’s love for him if I had responded with peaceful calmness and certainty… one who’s hope and trust was in her Savior and what He is capable of doing.

Prayer: Lord, if you are willing, please engrave this on my heart.  It is not always about the signs You give me but about Your beautiful acknowledgment of my weakness and that if I walk in faith relying on Your strength, You will take my weakness and use it mightily to bring glory to Your name.

Ellen WilliamsEllen Williams says, she was a girl who became a teenage mom, who became a teenage wife, who was out to prove “I” could do it...and God let me…knowing “I” would fail but that He would pick me up, dust me off and give me a hug while gently whispering “Let’s keep going E, but this time follow ME”. She blogs about her walk with the One who saved her and the mess of life WE encounter at who is leading e

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