Slow Down & Live Wonderstruck

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Are you listening? Have you noticed all this? Stop in your tracks! Take in God’s miracle wonders! Job 37:14 (MSG)

Live Wonderstruck
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In February my husband was diagnosed with cancer.

And all of a sudden our lives slowed down.

In the space of one doctor’s appointment we narrowed our focus to one thing: getting better.

Everything else we’d thought was important till then – his studies, language lessons, work and so on – suddenly became secondary to our primary focus of making sure he not only made it through chemotherapy but became healthy afterwards.

At the time it was hard to phone and cancel. 

It was awkward to turn down invitations to this event or that function but we’d identified what was important and that was slowing down.

In slowing down, I’ve realized that we haven’t really missed anything. 

Instead we’ve gained time with each other, with friends and with God. We’ve learnt how to enlarge our capacity for the beauty of life. 

We’ve slowed down enough to become wonderstruck. 

Margaret Feinberg describes being wonderstruck, as the state of becoming aware of the privilege of watching God’s creation unfold its glorious mysteries, and not wanting to miss a millisecond. (Wonderstruck, pg 3)

Realizing how fragile life is opens your eyes to the extraordinary moments God arranges in our everyday, ordinary lives.

I’ve realized that often I tried to live too fast before. 

Which is why I love this verse from Job that reminds us to stop, look around us and see the miracle wonders God is placing all around us. 

I didn’t always take the time to just be still, to just sit and watch the sunset with my husband or admire the flowers that God caused to bloom outside my window. 

I'm realizing that when you rush you miss God calling out to you. (<-- click here to tweet this)

And you miss out on the terrible beauty that streams from God.

Today, take a moment to slow down and take in all the beauty that God has put around you. I would love to hear where you have seen the wonder of God in your life lately.

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