God Is Bigger Than Your Suffering

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{Guest Devotional by James Prescott}

I spoke once, but I have no answer - twice, but I will say no more. Job 40:5 (NIV)

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I’ve had a difficult past. My teenage years were hell for so many reasons - broken home, alcoholic parent and bullying at school. 

Then I lost my Mum at only 23. 

I’ve had my rants at God. Shouting, moaning, complaining. 

I’ve looked at how so many of my peers seem to have no suffering and all the blessings I desire, like God is punishing me or I’m just a toy for His amusement.

One night, I was in the middle of one of these rants. I said to Jesus, without even thinking:

“What do you know about going through mental torture, treated unjustly, mocked by your peers, being in unbearable pain with no way out...”

I quieted down to a complete stop as I realised what I was saying. 

I remembered the cross. 

How Jesus, above all, does know what it is to experience those things. Probably more than I do.

I cried. 

I had no words. 

When we’re faced with the reality of who God is, and what Jesus has done, there aren’t many words. 

In the midst of the pain, I knew God was somehow involved, and bigger.

When we suffer it’s easy to be angry with God. It’s easy to blame Him for our suffering. 

Maybe we should stop blaming God and recognise who He is. <-- Tweet this

Once Job realised who God was, once he understood how much bigger God is than any of our circumstances, he stopped moaning. He just sat in God’s presence, and listened. 

Job allowed God to be Lord over him and his circumstances.

Maybe this should be our prayer today:
"I spoke once, but I have no answer
Twice, but I will say no more"

When you have suffered, or if you are suffering now, have you believed that God is bigger than your suffering? Would this change how you respond to God?

James Prescott is a writer & creative exploring digital media & our divine journey. He blogs regularly at www.jamesprescott.co.uk and is a regular guest blogger for various sites. Follow him on Twitter at @JamesPrescott77

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