What You Need To Change The World

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For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him. Colossians 1:16 (NIV)

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It was 3:45am.

The trip from our hotel to the Entebbe Airport in Uganda took an hour under the best circumstances. 

We had been driving for 30 minutes when we got a phone call that the bus behind had a flat tire. 

My first thought was I’m so glad I’m not on that bus. At least I’ll make the flight in time. 

After all, the world revolves around me getting everything I want and need.

Someone else on the bus was more like Jesus. 

They were more concerned about how they could get the airline to wait to close the gate. They were worried about getting everyone on board the plane, about making sure everyone made it home.

I was only worried about me.

I was ashamed by this.

It struck me that sometimes I think that I am the center of the Universe.

Often I forget that God is really the center, that in Him all things were create and without him nothing would be. 

The world would stop if it revolved around me.

Take God away and there is nothing.

We were created because of God and for God.

So much of our walk with God is about us: what we can get, what God can do for us. Really, it should be all about him. 

If we focused on Jesus, instead of ourselves, how much easier would it be to care about others, to look out for others and ultimately impact the world?

If it were all about him instead of all about us, how many more of us would be prepared to turn around a bus to help out some strangers? 

If it were all about him instead of all about us, how many more of us would lay down our lives for our friends? For our neighbors? For people who haven’t yet been born? 

You and I weren’t created to be the center of the universe because God  already is the center of the universe. (<-- Click here to tweet this)

It could be that changing the world really only needs one thing: us to remember that we’re not the center of it all.

How different would your life look if you lived like God was the center of it? 
What one thing can you do today to show that you don’t believe the world revolves around you? (I’d love you to share your ideas in the comments section below).

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